Dr Boyinapalli is our new GP Partner at Whittlesey

prithvi boyinapalli

Dr Prithvi Boyinapalli, our newest GP Partner, is enjoying getting to know patients and colleagues at New Queen Street and Stanground Surgeries. He has a special interest in business and new technology in healthcare.

He has been a doctor for years and worked in a Peterborough hospital before training as a GP. He then studied for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) alongside work and also founded a tech start up.

Dr Boyinapalli said: ‘I have always been surrounded by scientists so it felt natural to pursue medicine as a career. I also wanted to try my hand at entrepreneurship, leadership and management, which is how the business started, developing an app to manage cases of breast cancer and giving advice on treatment, side effects and self-care.’

His first GP Partnership at Whittlesey is ‘a natural step up’ at this stage in his busy career: ‘I like the security and structure of Lakeside and feel welcomed into the close-knit team which already feels like a family. Due to my background I see the value of technology in healthcare that is deployed and developed with patients and clinicians in mind. I am looking forward to being part of the practice team innovating and improving where possible in order to increase patient satisfaction and access.’ 

Published: Feb 27, 2024