Great start to online consultations at New Queen Street and Stanground surgeries

Doctrin, our new online consultation platform, launched today for our New Queen Street and Stanground patients with our Group Lead Nurse Kerry Gardner demonstrating the system to staff.

Image of the New Queen Street staff launching Doctrin

The New Queen Street Surgery is only the second practice in the UK to roll out the platform, which is accessible 24/7 from electronic devices and through the surgery website. Doctrin, which is widely in use in its native Sweden, offers a range of features for patients including healthcare questionnaires and signposting to relevant health and social care advice.   

It offers patients an alternative means of contacting the practice and we anticipate that demand will grow as more patients access it using their NHS log-in details.

Hub Manager Paul Crosbie said: 'As with any new innovation it takes planning and preparation to ensure we have everything in place for our patients and we are hopeful this will provide better access for those who wish to use this technology. I would encourage our patients to sign up and see how easy this platform is to use and navigate.'

Craig Oates, Managing Director of Doctrin (UK and Ireland) attended the launch day. He said: ‘We are delighted to roll out this platform at our second UK practice. We are already seeing it bring the benefits that our Nordic customers experience and the UK feedback so far has been hugely positive. We are looking forward to introducing the platform across Lakeside practices in the coming months to help transform care and improve outcomes for Lakeside patients and caregivers.'


Published: Nov 3, 2021

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