Nurse Team

Advanced Nurse Practitioner 

Tina Kelly (Lead Nurse)
Bsc (Hons) 2007, Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Diploma in Asthma, Family Planning. Diabetic Care, Sexual Health & Smoking Cessation, also fits and removes coils and Implanons.

Jacqui Nabil
Jacqui works along side the Partners assisting them with triage calls and seeing patients and works across both the  New Queen Street & Stanground Surgeries. 

Sue Finan

Sue works along side the Partners assisting them with triage calls and seeing patients.  Sue works at both the  New Queen Street & the Stanground Surgeries. 

Practice Nurses:

New Queen Street

Sister Wendy Popple
Diploma in  Family Planning
Diploma in Asthma, Diabetic & COPD Care and Diabetes

Sister Wendy Callan
RGN - 1979
Diploma in Asthma and Diabetes R.M

Sister Ann Cameron
SRN - 1980
Diploma in Asthma, Chronic Heart Disease and Diabetes

Nurse Diane Pope
Diploma in CHD, Diabetes and Family Planning


Annaleah Crowson


Treatment Room Nurses:

New Queen Street Surgery

Nurse Nikki Mika
Diploma in CHD and Diabetes

Nurse Jenny Bishop

Nurse Healther Lovitt

Stanground Surgery

Nurse Antoinette Merola
Asthma/CHD Family Planning, Wound Management & Smoking Cessation, Diploma in Chronic Heart Disease 

Sister Emily Farrar
Wound Management, Childhood Immunisations & Vaccines, Diploma in Asthma, Diploma in COPD

Health Care Assistants: 

New Queen Street Surgery

Mrs Katie Oakes    
Health Care Assistant

Ms Pippa Gledhill  
Health Care Assistant

Stanground Surgery

Mrs Julie-Ann Carling
Senior Health Care Assistant - NVQ I, II & 111 & Smoking Cessation

Miss Bethany Hayes
Senior Health Care Assistant NVQ3