Lakeside Healthcare at New Queen Street and Stanground is launching online consultations with Doctrin

Lakeside Healthcare at New Queen Street and Stanground surgeries is launching a new online consultation platform, Doctrin, in November. This will mean patients can contact the surgery via a digital platform, take part in health questionnaires or access a wide variety of self-help advice.

Doctrin, can be accessed securely by registering with the NHS App or by clicking a link on our website. 


Doctrin will channel patients through an online route. There is also an interface so patients will have their own ‘dashboards’ about their personal cases, as well as being able to manage those of their children.

Doctrin on a tablet

Benefits for our patients include:

  • Easy to use system that is accessible from anywhere  
  • 24/7 access to the platform with response within one working day  
  • Another way to contact us rather than by telephone  
  • Less need to travel to the surgery  
  • Easy access to healthcare advice and guidance  
  • Triage to the most appropriate professional  
  • Improved continuity in care and integration with multi-disciplinary professionals allowing staff to collaborate with clinical colleagues for clinical cases  
  • Meets national standards to provide 25% of our appointments digitally 


GP Partner and Non-Executive Director, Dr Dan Dhanushan said: ‘There are a range of benefits to our patients from using this system and it has been carefully designed to be easy to use and navigate. Many patients will be keen to use the system as it allows them to contact us at a time and place to suit them. I would like to reassure patients who are not able to use an online platform, that we can be contacted by the usual methods. It just gives our patients added choice and flexibility.’

The new platform will begin in New Queen Street and Stanground in November so please consider registering for the NHS app if you haven’t already done so.


Published: Sep 21, 2021

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