New Health Kiosk

health kiosk

The New Queen Street Surgery has installed a dedicated ‘health kiosk’ meaning that patients can check their blood pressure, weight and other statistics at any time during opening hours. It is easy to use as there are on screen prompts on the touch screen to guide users through the process. It only takes about ten minutes and all of the equipment used is calibrated to give more accurate readings than you might have from equipment at home.

Information is automatically added to a patient’s clinical record. This means that the clinician will have your most up to date information prior to an appointment, leaving more time on the day to deal with your specific concerns.

The health kiosk is located in a room near Reception. There is no need to book so if it is vacant then go and try it for yourself. You will be guided by on screen prompts on the touch screen and it only takes about ten minutes from start to finish.

There are 18 different ‘care pathways’ loaded on to the machine, including a general health check plus others targeted at new patients plus specific conditions including arthritis, asthma, depression, diabetes, heart disease, depression and anxiety.

Practice Manager Lyndsay Cocks said: ‘We hope that patients will try out this equipment and see how simple it is to use. If people can use it prior to their appointment, then it means that we can make the most of the time we have with them. It also means that we can send out messages to specific patient groups inviting them to use it, maybe prior to an asthma review or before attending a diabetes clinic.

‘Patients can also drop in to use it if they want to track their own progress on things like weight or blood pressure. Basically, if the surgery is open and the kiosk is unlocked then we are encouraging patients to use it. It has proved very popular in other surgeries with staff and patients alike, so we are looking forward to getting feedback from our patients as well.’

You can find out more information about the health kiosk and watch a video on our website.

Published: Jun 18, 2024

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