Profile of Bev Williams, Lead Nurse at New Queen Street

Image of Bev Williams, Lead Nurse

Bev Williams, the new Lead Nurse at New Queen Street, has a wide range of nursing experience and says her nurses are ‘brilliant’.

Bev started her career in the RAF in a different trade before working as a healthcare assistant and training as a nurse. She has worked in Australia in private healthcare as clinical manager, NHS hospitals in England, occupational health, as a spinal nurse specialist and a practice nurse. Her wide-ranging background has equipped her well for the role of Lead Nurse, overseeing a team of healthcare assistants and registered nurses.

Bev, who re-joined Lakeside around a month ago, said: ‘The team here is amazing with a really good skill mix. We have already implemented some roster changes to create more structured clinics. The environment is great and hub manager Paul Crosbie and Practice Manager Dianne Gross have been really supportive.’ 

Bev enjoys offering ‘rounded care’ and individual service to patients: ‘I like the time you spend with a patient and the opportunity to follow up on their care. At one of my previous surgeries there were three elderly Welsh patients so, as I am a native Welsh speaker; they used to specifically ask for me so we could converse in Welsh! I am a people person, and this is a role where you interact daily with patients and their healthcare needs.’   

Her role as Lead Nurse combines her nursing and management skills and allows her to support and negotiate with colleagues to ensure the best outcomes for patients, her team and the practice as a whole. She previously worked at another Lakeside site and has welcomed her return to the Partnership: ‘Even in the relatively short amount of time while I worked elsewhere, new systems, such as the Skills Academy, have been introduced to Lakeside which I absolutely love. It means you can track people’s skills and see how you can support their learning and career. I now realise how much drive Lakeside has and the measures in place to upskill and support staff. This has definitely been the right move for me.’   

Published: Oct 5, 2021

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