Antenatal care is the care you receive from healthcare professionals during your pregnancy. You'll be offered a series of appointments.

Our GPs like to see a patient at least once during her pregnancy.

When you become pregnant, we will arrange an appointment with you with the midwife when the midwife will ask you a few questions, discuss birthing venues and carry out some general health checks.

There have been many developments in antenatal and newborn screening over the past five years. For more information please visit NHS Choices




Midwife Clinics


Our Midwife, holds clinics on Friday afternoons. The booking in clinic is alternate Thursday lunch times.
If you wish to leave a message any time then please ring (01733) 874585.

New Queen Street:

Our Midwife holds antenatal clinics on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. 
Please contact reception to arrange a telephone call back alternatively please call the maternity helpline number on 01733 677266.