Tests and Results

When a doctor or nurse arranges for a test to be taken the patient will be informed how to obtain the result.

The type of test done will dictate how long your result takes to come back to us. The person who takes the test can normally advise you how long your test result will take to come back.


Patient Information Notice - Test Results

Please note that we will only contact you to tell you about your test results for one of the following reasons:

Test results

  1. The test needs to be repeated again for some
  2. You need to start or change treatment as a
    result of the test result
  3. There is a problem with the result that we
    need to talk to you about so you need to see the doctor

If your test result is normal – we will not contact you – this is because we undertake hundreds of tests each week.

You can telephone us if you want to speak to us about your test result, however it is best not to try and do this first thing in the morning as the telephone lines are always very busy with appointment bookings at this time of day.

If the doctor or nurse has asked you to provide a pathology sample e.g. urine, stool, sputum, these must be left at reception before 11.00amMonday - Friday.

Note to Patients: Any tests that have not  been requested by a Nurse or GP will not be carried out.

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